Jewish Heritage and Diocletian's Palace Walking Tour of Split

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The Jewish Community of Split is one of the oldest in Europe. The Jewish community with existed in nearby Salona in the third century of the Christian era. The Jews lived there together with the Romans. When Salona, the capital of the Roman province Dalmatia was destroyed by the Avars in 641, the Jews fled to the Diocletian's fortified palace which later became the town of Spalato. The influance of the Jewish community through the history was very strong. They were responsible for the first dock and the quarantine of the city harbor, first bookstore, first library, first distillery… 

This walking tour of the 17 century old Diocletian's Palace will help you to learn a lot about the history of Split and about the Jewish heritage. You will also meet local Jews and hear their experience.

The tour itinerary:

  • North (Golden), East (Silver), West (Iron) and South (Brass) Gate

  • The statue of Grgur Ninski

  • Peristyle, Mausoleum (the Cathedral), the temple of Jupiter (the Baptistry)

  • Central Basement (central Cellars / central substructure)

  • The city sinagogue - open in 1507

  • Pjaca (the main city square), the Fruit Square, Riva (the waterfront)

  • The Jewish cemetery established in 1573.


Every day at 11 am

DURATION: 3 hours


  • 1 Person 100 Eur

  • 2 person - 50 Eur per person

  • 3 - 8 person - 35 Eur per person

  • *For bigger groups, please contact us for an offer


  • ​English speaking/local guide

  • 3 hour walking tour


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