Kayak Safari on the river Cetina

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Kayak Safari


Away from the busy city environment, we begin our kayak safari in Hrvace (Rumin) where is the first bridge on the river Cetina.  We continue down the river, 15 km, where you will encounter a beautiful untouched and unknown parts of the Dalmatian hinterland which overlooking the fascinating mountains (Dinara, Svilaja and Kamešnica) – Dinaric Alps, accompanied by the sounds and colors of the unique flora and fauna that will leave you breathless.

During descent, we have planned short breaks during which you can swim in the crystal clear water of the river Cetina and / or photograph beautiful scenes around you and drink water from one of the many sources that may be encountered during the drive. While kayak safari on the Cetina River you can enjoy the beautiful bays that it hides, which are connected with the wild side of the Dalmatian hinterland.

Dalmatian hinterland (Dalmatian Zagora) is also famous for the city Sinj and the Croatian knights who opposed Turkish invasion 1715.god. and in whose honor the past 300 years is held a knight game the Sinjska Alka. Sinjska Alka since 15 November 2010. is registered on the UNESCO list of world heritage in Europe.
Our kayak safari ends in city Otok where the second bridge on the river Cetina is near the dam Peruča.

Kayak safari includes:

  • Sit on kayak brands Lagoon 2 (Ocean Kayak), load capacity 290 kg

  • Expert guide-skipper

  • Paddling and safety equipment (helmet, vest)

  • Neoprene Suit

  • An unforgettable picnic after a drive (wine tasting, indigenous smoked ham, homemade cheese, bread baked dishes, seasonal vegetables and fruits) or homemade lunch in a traditional Dalmatian tavern

Don’t forget to bring:

  • bottle of water

  • swimsuit

  • towel

  • dry clothes and shoes

  • sunglasses

  • sunscreen


  • it is important to dress in layers or sportswear (according to weather conditions)

  • you can bring the camera but at your own risk. However, we will supply you with waterproof bags





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