Amadria Park hotel Andrija, Šibenik

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Playful, imaginative, unique – this could be a short description of Solaris Hotel Andrija, the first kids theme hotel in Croatia where children are the only true VIP guests.

Hotel interior with it's rich colors and unique scenery introduces your kids to a new underwater world, created to complement their playful imagination. Sea, mermaids, underwater treasure, dolphins, sea turtles are the main themes that extends across the kids theme hotel, over the floors, walls and ceilings.

Relax! Your dream vacation can finally begin. Our luggage carriers will meet you in front of the hotel and help you with check-in. While our friendly receptionists wish you a warm welcome, on the other mini-reception your children are already having fun on volcano slide in the company of our mascots.

Your kids have already been thrilled, but you'll yet to be delighted when you see a large restaurant with a special area for your children with a mini-buffet and children's menu. Our nannies will closely watch over your kids while you finally, after a long time, enjoy your meal without any distractions.

It is time for the beach! You don't have to go far! Right in the front of the kids theme hotel there is a Family Beach, pebble beach with a gentle approach to the sea and with an attractive kids town in vicinity.

Drink your favorite beverage completely uncumberd while your kids are entertained in a large playroom. Life can be very beautiful, don't you agree!?

With an excellent position by the sea, large terrace with a swimming pool suitable for children and various facilities,Hotel Andrija will provide you and your children a vacation that you deserve.


Address 2: Mrčelina 1, Split General manager: Sandra Samardžić